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The Maxim Group Limited was originally founded in 1978 and has been involved with Extraction Systems for the removal of dust at source since that time.

From experience gained with our Swedish and German Partners in the removal of dust at source from power tools, we have developed a comprehensive range of Dust Extraction Guards to fit on most of the power tools which are currently available on the market.

The Guards which are individually designed to high technical and safety standards are marketed under the name 'Dustcutter' and are available for cutting, grinding and sanding operations.

Dustcutter Guards are designed to fit power tools from 4.5" (112mm) to 9" (230mm).

In addition to the Dustcutter Guards, we have a variety of Dust Extraction Systems from portable 110/240 volt units up to 3-phase fixed systems. These are specially designed to work with Dustcutter guards to remove dust and fume at source for a wide variety of industries ranging from engineering, construction, ship-building to floor preparation and woodworking.

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